Register Medical Group confirms attendance in Medical Fair Brasil

With more than 20 years of experience, the group will have a stand to present its expertise to the national and international market

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The Register Medical Group (RMG) confirmed its attendance in the Medical Fair Brazil (MFB), Brazilian edition of the MEDICA, which will occur between 26 and 28 of September, in the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP). For 21 years, RMG provides consulting services and regulatory advisory in the heath field for nationals and internationals companies.

With the slogan “Are you already selling in Brazil?”, RMG has been focusing its activities in the international market, giving support to companies that want to bring their products to be registered and sold in Brazil. To accomplish assertively this goal, the Group provides countless tools to facilitate this type of procedure, through the best cost/benefit, fastest and efficient way.

In fact, through the registration hosting services, the foreign manufacturer can request the immediate registration of its products, with almost no bureaucracy, since it will be able to make use of all the authorizations, permissions and licenses already acquired by RMG. It is a very strategic alternative, because in addition to dismissing the regularization of the foreign company in the Brazilian soil – which will save money and time – it may serve as platform to test the national market.

Yet, hiring the hosting service does not bind the product distribution to RMG. Therefore, it is possible to host the register and issue as many authorizations for distribution as required by the foreign manufacturer.

According to Glauco Jr, RMG’s Director of International Affairs, making use of the registration hosting (mainly focused on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health products and equipment) brings countless benefits for companies that work in these sectors.

It is a service that allows the foreign manufacturer to sell to the brazilian market without the need to be physically here or to establish a firm with employees in Brazil. Furthermore, the hosting does not demand exclusivity, giving the manufacturer total control over their register in Brazil.

“We provide tools to solve all formalities required by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) or by any other institutional organization. All to bring agility in the processes so that products of other countries can get to Brazilian consumers”, explains the Director.

RMG also offers to its clients technical and juridical consulting to obtain the Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP – certificate, specially for products of risk category III and IV. Besides, it has import and distribution services of products in a national integrated network, as well as technical consulting for regulatory subjects, what provides to the clients all needed orientation.

“Our focus is on the international market, but we also provide the same services to Brazilian companies that want to commercialize their products out of our country. We have expertise in this field of action and we are confident with our participation at the Medical Fair Brazil, since we will be next to manufacturers from various health sectors, such as: pharmaceuticals, equipment, hygiene products, among others”, says Glauco Santos, RMG’s CEO.

Other services available from the RMG include: licensing, market research, pre-inspections, quality certifications (GMP, ISO, CE, FDA, INMETRO etc.), post-marketing follow ups, internal audits, management of risks, in company trainings, consularization and legalization of documents, and others.

For more information about the Register Medial Group – RMG –, access: https://registermedicalgroup.com/ or https://taggo.one/registermedicalgroup.

About the MFB, accreditation and space allocation, consult: https://medicalfairbrasil.com.br/