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CEP: 50751-340
Cidade: New Taipei City
País: Taiwan
Telefone: +886-2-2206-9885
Responsável: Steven, Su



Super Genius AITEK is a company dedicated to cross-domain integration of medical imaging and computer vision.

By applying non-contact measurement technology and image analysis algorithm into computer vision and eHealth, we can detect several vital signs from a 6-10 sec video and thus support our customers to do health management.

Lactate-level estimation and other state-of-the-art technology will continue to be developed and put to practical use.


Using image analysis algorithms, FaCare can detect blood pressure, SPO2, heart rate, and even lactate level by measuring people’s facial blood vessels. With our non-contact measurement technology, the risk of infection caused by using medical devices can be significantly reduced. It can also be widely applied to workout planning in gyms, health management system in nursing care or even access control system for enterprises.